Conscious Healing

When there are unresolved wounds, be they conscious or deeply embedded, especially prolonged traumas, it produces a corresponding vibration and frequency that follows us and emits low vibrational energy. This energy will continue to attract other shadow behaviours, relationships, circumstances and situations, until those things - traumas - are resolved and transformed.

Self Mastery

These programs are designed to assist you with the varying stages of self mastery. From finances, to personal relationships, to spirituality and leading an overall balanced life. The concept of being in the flow is to relearn, remember and to trust in the sacred flow of life, even during times of uncertainty.  So in order to embark on any type of self mastery requires that you take a holistic account of your life and life's journey.

Quantum Therapy®

Uses immersion therapy, immersing the self into the now and allowing the intuitive energy centers of the body to travel in time, serving as guides for releasing trapped emotions, traumas, wounds, past shadow experiences and relationships (it's healing the self by bringing things to the surface to be faced, released and transformed).

Owning Your Divine Femininity

Sacred Meditation Therapies

Meditation is one of the cornerstone practices on which In the Flow Living™ concentrates. Allowing individuals to take their power back from unwanted experiences. Our various techniques help you to anchor your core power, so that you can transform the obstacles, breakdowns and uncertainties into personal strength, freedom and clarity.

Audio Books & Programs

Downloadable programs, processes and techniques providing you with video and audio e-trainings, courses and introductory series' that assist with personal growth, self-mastery, self-awareness, sacred healing techniques teachings and certification trainings for those wishing to become a facilitator.

Professional Trainings

In the flow living™, focuses on four levels of professional trainings - Individualized, group, organizational and valuable integrity based trainings. Each geared towards restructuring, rebuilding and fortifying business and career goals. We work with businesses and groups to enhance professional, team and organizational growth by teaching highly skilled emotional intelligence trainings, unique communication skillsets and by strengthening leadership and employee relations.